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West Jordan Muffler & Exhaust

We can't escape it, its in the name: Master Muffler is West Jordan's exhaust expert. We are equipped to handle almost any issue that could come up with your vehicle, but mufflers & exhausts are our specialty. If you suspect that their may be something wrong with your exhaust system, we do inspections, repairs, and replacements. If you're looking to take your vehicle performance to the next level, we do aftermarket parts, upgrades and configurations! Stop by and see what the exhaust experts can do for you!

Muffler & Exhaust Concerns

When something is wrong with your exhaust system, the consequences can range from annoying to dangerous. That is why it is essential to have your vehicle inspected, even if it seems like it is running normal. The initial symptoms can be very subtle, starting as a faint knock or barely noticeable odor. However, a malfunctioning exhaust often means a loss of power and efficiency. In a more dangerous scenario, exhaust fumes could be leaking into your cab. With both of these issues, the danger and expenses compound over time as you are exposed to toxic fumes and excessive fuel costs.

If you suspect that there may be any issue with your exhaust system, bring your vehicle in to Master Muffler West Jordan. We'll isolate your issues and have them corrected in no time. If a replacement is necessary, we can get you industry standard exhausts and mufflers in no time!

Performance Exhaust

tuneups_graphicExhaust systems help regulate the flow of air throughout your engine. Performance exhausts move more air, which reduces the pressure in your engine from waste gases produced during the combustion process. Changing air flow may not seem like much, but performance exhausts increase power, fuel efficiency, and acceleration. They also hold influence over the sound of your vehicle, which enables you to have a quieter (or louder) ride.


West Jordan Exhaust Professionals

So, whether your car is acting up or you are looking to upgrade, drop by out shop. We can diagnose any issues you might have, recommend the best replacements, and configure your exhaust system after installation. Our auto experts are standing by to get you taken care of!

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