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Salt Lake Full Tire Service

Do you need new tires, maintenance or repairs? Master Muffler Salt Lake offers tire, service, sales & repairs. This includes rotations and alignments. Drop by our shop to see our huge selection!

Tire Service: Rotations & Alignments

Your tires need attention and maintenance just like the rest of your vehicle. This results from the uneven weight distribution created by your engine and the tires grinding on the pavement as you drive. Those tires located under the engine will have more friction with the pavement than those tires which are not located under the engine. To prevent two of your tires from wearing too quickly and prolong the life of all your tires, it is necessary to rotate them. Alignments adjust the position of your wheels to give you better control. When your vehicle is properly aligned, it means less steering correction and better performance while driving.

South Salt Lake Regular Maintenance

Regular tire maintenance is another excuse to get your vehicle down to a shop where professionals can take a look and give you a heads up if anything thing seems off. Preventative maintenance is the best and cheapest way to prevent major damage to your vehicle. Let our experienced pros spot issues before you have to pay for big problems!

Here are some of the tire brands we carry and service:


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