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Master Muffler Provo: Brake Specialists

brakes_headerFor the best in quality brake service in Utah valley, come to Master Muffler Provo. Brakes are an essential operating feature of your vehicle. Don't trust them to anything less than an experienced professional. We'll get your brakes done quickly, but ensure that they are done correctly because the safety of you and your vehicle are important to us.

When your brakes need service, any delay can seriously compound the problem. For example, if your brake pads have worn through, then there will be a grinding metal on metal clamp. Not only will your brakes be seriously under performing, but the grinding metal will destroy your rotors, which cost significantly more than brake pads to replace. By taking action early, a lot of money can be saved.

How Brakes Work

From the diver's perspective, the brakes work when the brake pedal is pushed. Which, is true when your brakes are in good condition. Have you ever noticed times that you had to push your pedal harder or further in to stop than normal? To understand why this happens its important to know a little bit about your brake system.

Here is the big picture: When you press on the pedal of your car, it compresses your brake fluid. This compression creates a pressure which transfers the force from your foot through your brake assembly. Your brake assembly then transfers this force and pressure onto a piston which compresses onto a brakes disc. As the brake pads clamp around the brake disc, they create a friction which slows down your car.

If you are low on brake fluid, then the transfer of force from your foot to the brake disc isn't efficient, so you have to press harder. If your brakes pads are wearing down, then you might hear a high pitched scraping noise, or if the pad has worn completely through, a grinding sound. It is important to have your pads changed before this happens because it can cause many problems that are much more expensive than simply replacing your brake pads.

Brakes Inspections

Man working brakesMaster Muffler Provo will get your brakes serviced quickly and correctly. If you're concerned about when you may need your next brake service, don't hesitate to bring you vehicle. We'll be able to help you estimate a good time to come back and see us!

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