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Master Muffler Provo Auto Tuneup & Diagnostics

Generally speaking, every vehicle should get a tuneup at least once every 3 years, or every 30,000 miles. Your vehicle may seem to be performing well, but these checks are still very important. It is inevitable that overtime, the various complex systems that make up your engine will begin to move out of sync with each other. These changes start off as barely noticeable, but can escalate quickly into loss of power & efficiency. These problems prevent both safety and financial concerns which will only worsen as time continues. Which is perhaps even more troubling when considering that such losses can be averted.

When you come in for a tune up, even if no major work is needed, we'll be able to let you know when to expect any work in the near future. This is the advantage of having experienced mechanics take a look under your hood. Our master mechanics have the knowledge and experience that is necessary to anticipate potential issues with your vehicle. This gives you an edge on how to address auto issues before they turn messy and expensive.

What Is A Tuneup?

Tuneups will typically include the price of changing the spark plugs of you vehicle and checking the timing of various systems. Beyond that, we offer several other options, but again the most important part of a tuneup is preventative maintenance. We know the ins and outs of almost all major makes and models. We also know typical issues that can develop from different driving habits and conditions. Above all, our mechanics live in Utah and know about problems that are unique to our dry climate. When you come to Master muffler for a tuneup, you're getting years of insight on how to stop problems before they start.

Full Service Tuneup

Here is what you can expect from a Master Muffler Provo full service tuneup on your next visit:

  • Change the Spark Plugs
  • Change the Fuel Filter
  • Replace the Distributor Cap (if needed)
  • Check spark plug wires (replace if needed)
  • Check the belts (replace if needed)
  • Check the battery
  • Check oxygen sensors (replace if needed)
  • Replace the air filter (if needed)
  • Replace the PCV valve (if needed)
  • Change the distributor rotor (older model vehicles)
  • Check the Coil or Coil packs (replace if needed)

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