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muffler & exhaust services

Looking for a Kearns Exhaust expert? Master Muffler is the leader in performance muffler and exhaust for a reason! If you are having problems or are ready for an upgrade, our experts can help you get the right muffler and exhaust to keep your car running smoothly, quietly, and in top performance.

Kearns Master Muffler Benefits

We will check your muffler and exhaust system for free!

And if a free inspection isn’t enough for you, Kearns Master Muffler also offers speed and convenience. Many of our exhaust and muffler installations are repairs are done in one hour, which means you can get back on the road faster with a smoother, quieter ride.

We provide standard replacement exhausts as well as upgrades in both components and the whole exhaust system. We also have a pipe bender and welding capabilities, so we can build and create a custom exhaust system made just for your vehicle. If we install a custom exhaust system, we also provide a computerized sound check to make sure you are satisfied with the sound of your exhaust.

If your muffler is leaking or has become bent or rusted, you may want to consider having it replaced. Mufflers and exhaust are our specialties, so Kearns Master Muffler knows how best to help you get the best performance from your vehicle to keep it running well for years to come.

When choosing the right muffler for your car, you have to factor in the climate, the type and condition of your car, and many other factors. Our highly trained technicians will take the time to find out your needs and recommend a muffler and exhaust system that will meet or exceed those needs. Our employees are happy to answer any questions or concerns you have about your muffler and exhaust system.

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How do you know when to change your muffler?

  • Loud noise
  • Funny smell
  • Fumes inside the car (may cause headaches or other problems)

High Performance Mufflers

High performance mufflers reduce the noise your car makes and help increase its efficiency, power output, and overall performance. High performance mufflers reduce back pressure in the exhaust system, allowing your car’s engine to work more efficiently. Mufflers with large pipes and cold air intake offer even better performance, particularly at accelerating.

At Master Muffler, we have both standard and performance mufflers from manufacturers that take pride in their work. Our products include components from:

  • MagnaFlow
  • FlowMaster
  • DynoMax
  • Flo Pro
  • Flow Path
  • Walker
  • IMCO Performance Exhaust
  • Cherry Bomb
  • Street Max
  • Hushpower
  • V Force
  • Car Sound
  • Catco
  • AP Exhaust Products
  • XXL

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